The 4 R's of Recovery

Are you finding you're getting injured more often than normal, or are you not recovering quickly enough between sessions?

Maybe you need to pay more attention to what you're eating/drinking after your sessions.

At Box we focus on 4 key areas after exercise to help improve recovery. See what you think:

The 4’s of recovery 💪💪

  • Refuel – Replenishment of carbohydrate stores (glycogen)

  • Rehydrate – Replacement of lost fluid and electrolytes 

  • Repair – Rebuilding and regeneration of muscle tissue 

  • Revitalise – bolster recovery and the body’s immune defence

1. Refuel with carbohydrates

This will depend on how soon you’re training again. If you’re training again within 8hrs then look for 1–1.2 g/kg within the first hour post-training. If not, then you can reduce this and your overall carbohydrate intake over 24hrs at your preference.

If training again within 8hrs - aim for carbohydrates with a high availability/high GI: flapjacks, bars, Lucozade, white wraps etc

Otherwise look at carbohydrates with a moderate availability/GI: potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown or wild rice, fruits, vegetables, dairy products.

2. Rehydrate with fluid

How much? 1.0–1.5 L of fluid for each 1-kg body mass lost. Simply weigh before and after your exercise session. The use of electrolytes for salty sweaters (white marks on your tshirt after running?) is also recommended, especially on hot days.

3. Repair with protein

How much? - 0.3 g/kg post exercise

Opt for sources high in leucine (whey/milk) and complete proteins: lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, soy, tofu. What -Opt for sources high in leucine (whey/milk) and complete proteins where possible: lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, soy, tofu. Or just look to combine other vegetarian sources. Add tempeh/spirrulina etc

4. Revitalise with fruit and veg

Include a variety of antioxidant rich foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts, olive oil and wholegrains in the post exercise period. Only use additional high dose antioxidants during competitions or during intense training blocks when recovery is particularly important. Avoid every day use to prevent blunting adaptation. 

High volume, intense training and where two sessions are performed within 8hrs then the 4 R’s are more important to follow. For lighter sessions then the next meal after training will be enough for recovery.

Other things to consider

Creatine monohydrate/omega 3’s/vit D/ Gelatine enriched with Vit C

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